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A/C System Diagram

At Classic Aire Mechanical, Inc. we want you to be able to make the best informed decisions for your air conditioning & heating system needs. In order to help you understand the basic components of your AC & heating system we’ve provided a diagram.

Most central air conditioning systems are made up of two separate components, the condenser (outdoor) and the evaporator (indoor).

Just like most mechanical systems (automobile, lawn mower, bicycle) preventative maintenance (PM) is key to keeping everything running smoothly and extending the life of that system. PMs also help avoiding system failure in the middle of a Central Texas heat wave!

Inspect air filters at least four times a year and replace as needed. Inspect air filters at least every month if you have high traffic, non-carpet flooring and indoor pets. Have all other components shown in the diagram inspected at least once a year by one of our technicians.